Wedding Dresses

Shopping for your Dream Dress for your Big Day means many things to many people. Some brides have been dreaming of this day for years! Others are terrified to step foot inside a shop, whether due to body image concerns or just the fear of where to begin. Our job is to help you navigate this step, and hopefully have a little fun along the way.

Hi! I’m Kati Hime, and I’m your personal wedding dress consultant. I’m a former bride myself (alumni wedding year 2000, boo-yeah!) 😊 who was the oddball bride – I found my dream dress in a bridal magazine ad, found a shop with that sample, and carried the page with me into my first bridal consultation. I wanted THAT DRESS. The shop tried their best to help me try other things – and I obliged, begrudgingly. After several pics of my less-than-thrilled face in dresses I wasn’t interested in, I said, “OK, can I have MY dress now???” I’ve learned now that I was WEIRD. Very few girls are that convinced of what they want when they walk in the door and love it too when they actually try it on. And that’s okay! I support & applaud the kinds of brides who are different than I was. And if you’re a little unusual like me and know just what you want – that’s okay too! I support your & my brand of weirdness!

I’m also a mom to a beautiful, petite and curvy girl that I’m so proud of, and a wonderful son that keeps me on my toes and is smart as a whip. I help my daughter navigate the challenges of curvy girl clothing. If that’s you – I get it. I welcome all ladies of all shapes & sizes into our store!

Everything we do is by appointment. We do not have traditional retail hours. We want your experience to revolve around you, plus we own several businesses that keep us hopping, including Wyoming Weddings Magazine & expos and Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine, Laramie Dance & Arts Center, House of Pounce bounce houses and a dance wear shop (same name, LKH & Company) that also operates by appointment. Our kids are super busy and we love keeping up with them. I am also a gym rat. Getting a daily run or HIIT workout in is like brushing my teeth. I love to read and our family enjoys traveling the country. I’m a diagnostic medical sonographer for two clinics, I teach baby ballet & tap a handful of times a week, and my husband Levi (our tux expert!) is a hydrogeologist in his “spare” time (I’ll let him talk about himself below!) 😉 So an appointment-based shop is what works for us, and we’ve found that is how everyone operates anyway when it comes to formal wear shopping. Even though I detailed all our insanity, we’re very flexible on availability. We’re happy to schedule appointments on weekdays or weekends, evenings or daytimes, depending upon when our availabilities match up! We’re able to make quite a few options work and we try to be super flexible, so let’s see when you’re available!

When you come to our shop, I’ll give you my five cent tour. I’ll give you our “Look Book,” which has pictures & info of the samples we have (some of our sale items aren’t in the book so I’ll show you those too). I’ll give you a pile of paper to dog ear the book, and let you go to town. How many dresses can you select? However many you want! I have no minimums or maximums. You get to play and have fun and see where the wind takes you.

I’ll also need some info to help me point you in helpful directions:  what your budget is, when your wedding is, anything specific you’re looking for. I’ll have dresses on sale and some tricks up my sleeve, so don’t fret too much about prices and due dates at first. Let’s see what you love and see what we can make happen. Ordering a gown requires half down to place that order. The second half is flexible! You can pay it all at once when your gown arrives, or you can make payments based on terms you set for yourself. SUPER flexible. You can also make payments on a sale gown if needed! It can be kept safely tucked away for you at our store until your final payment is made.

Back to your visit:  I’ll invite you to take a spin around the store, which is intimate by design. I want you to feel at home in our laid-back atmosphere. I tend to kick off my shoes, and I’ve found yoga pants are FANTASTIC for fittings as I can quickly dive on the floor to rearrange a train, crawl around to show you a pattern on a hem, etc., without having to maneuver in fancy clothing myself. Since we do everything by appointment, you may also meet me coming to or from teaching a dance class, seeing an ultrasound patient, or going next for my daily run. So you may see me in scrubs or ready to hit the trail or lead a giggly group of preschoolers through some plies! It’s part of our family’s lifestyle. You’re also welcome to come in what’s comfy, and bride tribes & champagne as just as welcome as a solo fitting!

I’m the consultant who’s seen the overwhelmed, stressed out bride come in who has no idea where to begin. No worries! We’ll try lots of things, have lots of conversations, and I’ll help guide you through the process.

I’m the consultant who’s seen a girl convinced that curvy mermaid style wasn’t for her – but loved it the moment she put it on, “just to see.” I’m the consultant who’s seen the princess skeptic fall head over heels for a ballgown that would make Cinderella jealous. I’m the consultant who loves a hug and happy tears when we find that dress that you want to say YES to. The dress you want to wear down the aisle to join your future husband. The dress you want to begin your married life in. Let’s make a memory for you, together.

Contact me today to schedule your appointment! Quickest ways to reach me:  #1 phone:  307.755.6896  #2 Message our Facebook page:  LKH Bridal & Formal  #3 Email is my slowest method:  Be sure to buzz me again if I don’t reply! I don’t typically let that happen, but sometimes technology can fail us and I want to be sure not to miss you.


Thanks for checking us out! Congratulations on your engagement and the memories coming your way.


Happy Wedding Planning,

Kati Hime


Bridesmaid Dresses

Hey Bride Tribe! I’m happy to help you guys out too! We carry Morilee Bridesmaids, a beautiful line with a nice variety of price points. I welcome half payments to place your order if budget is a tight point for you! (With lots of UW students as bridesmaids, I get it!)

Schedule an appointment for yourself or the entire tribe to check out our selection!




For the Gentlemen …

Coming Soon, as soon as I can get Levi to stop running for five minutes…

What’s your return policy?

Special orders cannot be returned.

Do you ship?

Yes! Our tux/suit rental service has a fantastic drop ship option too!